IBEW Ninth District Local Union Websites
9th DISTRICT http://www.ibew.org/9thdistrict
6 San Francisco CA http://www.ibew6.org/
40 Hollywood CA www.ibewlocal40.com
46 Seattle WA www.ibew46.org
48 Portland OR www.ibew48.com
73 Spokane WA www.ibew73.org
76 Tacoma WA www.ibew76.org
100 Fresno CA www.ibew100.org
112 Kennewick WA www.ibewlu112.com
180 Vallejo CA www.ibewlu180.org
191 Everett WA www.ibew191.com
234 Castroville CA www.ibew234.org
280 Salem OR www.ibew280.org
302 Martinez CA www.ibewlu302.com
332 San Jose CA www.ibew332.org
340 Sacramento CA www.ibewlocal340.org
357 Las Vegas NV www.ibew357.net
401 Reno NV www.ibewlocal401.com
413 Buellton CA www.ibew413.org
428 Bakersfield CA www.ibew428.org
440 Riverside CA www.ibew440.org
441 Santa Ana CA www.ibewoc.com
477 San Bernardino CA www.ibew477.com
551 Santa Rosa CA www.ibewlocal551.org
569 San Diego CA www.ibew569.org
595 Dublin CA www.ibew595.org
617 San Mateo CA www.ibew617.com
639 San Luis Obispo CA www.ibew639.org
659 Medford OR www.ibew659.org
684 Modesto CA www.ibewlu684.org
932 Coos Bay OR n/a
952 Ventura CA www.ibewlu952.org
1186 Honolulu HI www.hawaiielectricians.com
1547 Anchorage AK www.ibew1547.org
47 Diamond Bar CA www.ibew47.org
77 Seattle WA www.ibew77.com
89 Seattle WA www.ibew89.com
125 Portland OR www.ibew125.com
396 Las Vegas NV www.ibew396.org
483 Tacoma WA www.ibew483.org
659 Medford OR www.ibew659.org
1186 Honolulu HI www.hawaiielectricians.com
1245 Vacaville CA www.ibew1245.com
1547 Anchorage AK www.ibew1547.org
18 Los Angeles CA www.ibewlocal18.org
45 Hollywood CA www.ibew45.org
360 Oakland CA n/a
465 San Diego CA www.ibew465.org
799 Portland OR n/a
800 Sacramento CA n/a
889 Los Angeles CA n/a
946 Los Angeles CA n/a
984 Richland WA n/a
997 Port Angeles WA n/a
1023 Barstow CA n/a
1260 Honolulu HI www.ibew1260.org
1269 San Francisco CA www.ibew1269.org
1357 Honolulu HI www.ibew1357.org
1436 Perris CA n/a
1682 Roseville CA www.ibewlocal1682.org
1710 Los Angeles CA n/a
1769 Seattle WA n/a
1782 Vancouver WA n/a
2139 Los Angeles CA www.ibew2139.org
2295 Los Angeles CA www.ibew2295.org


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Click here:  https://electricalsafetypro.org/?page_id=2008

copy and past link below into your browser

Click here:  https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/ECU/1a.html