Job Calls

1 JW – Reliant Electric

OSHA 10, 2 forms of ID with one being your soc sec card, Drug and alcohol test, dispatch Friday 10/02 at 8:30am, report to shop after dispatch.

Book Status

JOB CALL LINE 1-775-357-8420 (NEW) Book I -28 Book II -26 Last STRIKEABLE Long Call was 09/29/2020 and went to #16 on book two. Last Non Strike-able Long Call was 08/19/2020 and went through the books. JOB CALL LINE 1-775-357-8420 (NEW)    


Sisters and Brothers. 401 Union hall will now open the doors to the meeting hall to transact all business during working hours.The meeting hall room will be the only part of the hall accessible to the public. Masks are required to enter. The policy to get back on the books for book one will be […]

Social Distancing

For JOB CALLS, we ask if you are sick and/or do not wish to take a JOB CALL, please stay home. AVOID entering the Union Hall if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Maintain a minimum six-foot distance from others inside. Face coverings are required. Click here for important information