Job Calls

Book Status

  Book I – 34 Book II – 103 Last STRIKEABLE Long Call was 09/15/2017 and went to #29 on Book 2! Next short calls start at #1 on book 1  and #51 on Book 2  

5 – JW for Intermountain Electric

Osha 10 required Two forms of I.D. One being your social security card Drug and alcohol test required Reno City License Back Ground Check – Non Strikeable Dispatch for this job is Monday, September 25, 2017 @ 8:30am!  You will report to the shop after dispatch!

1 – Cw for Briggs Electric

Osha 10 Required, Two forms of ID. one being your social security card, Drug and alcohol test required, Dispatch for this job is September 25th at 10 A.M. and you will report to the shop right after dispatch.